Connect the dots, to create an everlasting blueprint legacy of your life, in the form of an autobiography or memoir...

About Me

Born and raised in Melbourne, I am one of six children and very fortunate that my adoring family realised I was born a writer before I even knew myself. Growing up in a household where my father was the only breadwinner, my parents still found a way to support my bookworm habit and buying me an electrical typewriter for my 13th birthday.

Living with a boisterous family and trying to find a quiet place in our small house was not easy, but I still managed to find quiet spots to write. Over the years, I let that slip away and I took a different path and stopped writing. When I completed my studies in Remedial Massage I thought helping people this way was what I wanted to do with my life.

But after moving from Melbourne to Sydney in 2007, the transition re-ignited my passion for writing and therefore a new chapter in my life was unfolding.

I found myself having brief encounters with random strangers who would share something personal about themselves with me and then move on. I was fascinated about how easy it was for these strangers to talk so openly and felt the need to write about it.

So, I began doing a few short writing courses and decided to volunteer my time at St Vincent’s Sacred Heart Hospice in Darlinghurst; helping terminally ill patients write their biography to leave for their family before they passed away. From that I decided to do write feature articles, by interviewing those who were willing to share snippets about their life in hope that they could inspire someone else with their story.

Since the volunteer work and the kindness of people wanting to share moments of their life with me, I decided to turn what I’m truly passionate about into Writing Your Life – a biography service to help people capture their memories and leave a legacy for their loved ones and future generations to come…