Connect the dots, to create an everlasting blueprint legacy of your life, in the form of an autobiography or memoir...


Hiring a skilled writer who is capable of taking your life and writing and editing into a special keepsake can be a very worthwhile investment.

Biography Service

There are various ways you can capture your life story; a manuscript focusing on the Highlights/Memoirs of your life (transcript only) or a Full Biography capturing your full life story (includes pictures, bound into book).

Another service I provide is a Surprise Memoir Gift – capturing the highlights of that special person in your life.  I interview their friends and family’s favourite moment shared with that person so that you can gift it to them in the form of a book (includes pictures).

I can develop a customised biography package based on the number of interviews, amount of transcribing, writing, personal photos and final product development suitable to your budget.

The result is your legacy which you and your family and future generations will forever treasure. Your life and memories are important so don’t waste another moment

Interview Service

I work with you to promote who you are and your services by interviewing you and connecting people to your website.

Don’t get to the end of your life only to realise you haven’t captured your legacy/your cherished memories for your loved ones